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Mount Berlinghera

Alpine Guide | Paraglider pilot

Mount Berlinghera 1,930 meters above sea level

Probably the most particular, versatile and fascinating proposal among all those you find on my site.

It is a wonderful peak overlooking Lake Como, with a spectacular view and which allows us to reach the summit with different climbing techniques.

Of all the possibilities, climbing the magnificent wall called the Vendée is certainly among the most enjoyable and at the end of the route we have the possibility of continuing the ascent on foot until we reach the summit.

For those who prefer trekking to climbing, we can instead go up from the bottom on foot along the path that will give us fantastic views of Lario, Mezzola Lake and Valchiavenna.

And for the lazy ones? We have a proposal for you too!
We can reach the Baita dal Vikingo by car, thus shortening the altitude difference by several hundred metres.

Monte Berlinghera

The main feature of Mount Berlinghera is that it offers one of the most beautiful paragliding take-offs in the whole area. From there, if you want, we can take off in tandem and glide for 30\40 minutes with an incomparable view of the lake, until we land in Gera Lario (210 meters above sea level) in a beautiful meadow located right on the shore.

If, on the other hand, you are already a paragliding pilot and want to reach the summit of Mount Berlinghera by climbing or walking, you can use my Guide skills to get to the destination and then take off in total autonomy.

The area offers more accommodation options, in various structures located at various altitudes, each with its own environmental characteristics.

What are you waiting for to try?

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