Since the profession of Mountain Guide is a commercial activity to all intents and purposes, it involves the signing of a contract by both parties (guide and client/clients) in order to guarantee the provision of the service within the times and terms agreed.

In some activities, at the discretion of the guide, the payment of an advance deposit may be required, to protect both the work of the professional and the other customers who have joined the proposed activity. Depending on the case, it may be retained in whole or in part, on the basis of the terms established and initially agreed with the guide.

Mountaineering activity cannot be considered totally free of dangers, even if carried out with the accompaniment of a professional in the sector. The mountain guide undertakes to make weighted assessments and make reasonable decisions by informing the client, however he will never be able to exclude any risk. This is why the customer’s sense of responsibility and risk acceptance are also crucial for maintaining a good level of safety and awareness.

Reservations must be made by phone or email, as indicated in the contact form, and will be valid only after confirmation by the guide. The guide will indicate, based on the activity and in his sole judgment, the need or not to pay a deposit. When formulating the estimate, the mountain guide will provide you with all the details of the expenses that you will face (transfers, food, lodging, cable cars, extras, etc.) and depending on the activity and expected commitment, he will ask you for a advance to confirm the date; this advance will eventually be paid into a current account with IBAN that will be provided by the guide.

Transfer costs, any costs for board and lodging in a refuge or b&b, any transfers with ski lifts and/or off-road taxis, and anything not otherwise specified. The expenses of the Alpine Guide will be divided among the participants.

In the event that you wish to withdraw from the reservation of a program for which a deposit has already been paid as an enrollment fee (or the total cost), the penalties for canceling the service are to be agreed directly with the guide who will evaluate them also the reasons.

The Alpine Guide is solely responsible for evaluating the mountain conditions, has the right to cancel the excursion in the event of adverse weather/mountain conditions and/or in proposing any alternative destinations to the predefined exit. If this is not agreed, the advance amount will be credited for a future outing or fully refunded. This decision will be made in mutual agreement with the customer.

Dragonfly in the person of Emanuel Panizza may make use, for its own promotional purposes, of photos and/or videos produced during the activities. In case the participants do not want to appear on images or videos, they must report it to the guide concerned in advance of the start of the activity.