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Emanuel Panizza
Dragon Fly Livigno | Emanuele Panizza


I started going to the mountains with my parents from an early age, with a natural and gradual approach, starting with some simple walks. Around the age of 12, on my first Sentiero Roma, I was enchanted by the verticality of the walls that surround me and at that moment the strong desire to climb them was revealed.

The first time I put on a harness I was in the gym of S. Antonio Valfurva and from that moment everything started to revolve around climbing. My adolescence can be summed up with a succession of climbs, thanks above all to a circle of friends who passed on to me a wealth of knowledge that I still carry with me today.

The transition to the aptitude tests to become an Aspiring Alpine Guide came naturally, already on my 19th birthday. In the two years that preceded obtaining the Alpine Guide title, I managed to transform my going to the mountains into a job, accompanying clients in all those activities that for me represented the passion that I have pursued since I was a child.

Climb and fly

My “hunger for the mountains” then led me to travel the world to climb unknown peaks with groups of friends and professionals with whom I shared the same mountaineering style and the same love for these new ventures. But you know, life, like the mountains, always has new adventures in store for each of us. At 24 my wife gave me the gift of becoming a father for the first time and 3 years later my second son also arrived.

These two events pleasantly subverted my priorities, my way of seeing things and my perspectives on the risks I was willing to accept on the mountaineering front.

But nothing could quench my attraction to the mountain. I had to look for an alternative to keep in touch, but with more balance. Flying was the perfect combination to reconcile going to the mountains with a significant risk reduction, the more I flew, the more I felt I couldn’t do without it! Also in this environment I was lucky enough to meet a highly competent person, with whom a strong bond of friendship developed that still lasts today. After obtaining the passenger transport qualification, I realized that I could combine the passion for flying with the activity of mountain guide that I had put aside for a while, dedicating myself in particular to sport climbing.

Arrived here, I hope I managed to involve you and intrigue you by telling you about me.

I am at your complete disposal to share a little of my journey with you and build together your personalized project made up of adventures and emotions that you will never forget!

Dragon Fly Livigno | Emanuel Panizza
Emanuel Panizza

Teenager in Sardinian land

The first time on the top of Aguglia Cala Goloritze.

In Marmolada

The first time on the rule of Tempi Moderni.
Sometimes a few meters of stone are enough to leave your heart.

Dragon Fly Livigno | Emanuel Panizza
Emanuel Panizza