Give an emotion

Would you like to have a fantastic and exciting experience that allows you to touch the sky with a finger?

Then, paragliding flights are ideal for you!

Give the unique emotion of a paragliding flight and offer an unforgettable experience!

Discover the adrenaline that only a sport like this is able to give and choose this gift idea for a birthday present or for a special occasion. Live an extraordinary paragliding experience. No particular skills are required, except for a pinch of courage and a great desire for fun. You fly lightly, for about half an hour, pushed by the wind like birds and without the risk of the “engine” blocking… and then with the instructor-guide your experience will be relaxing and exciting at the same time!

Once at the take-off point, you will be explained how the paraglider works and how to deal with the launch and landing phases. A few more meters and you will start flying!

The fantastic panorama, the feeling of freedom will inebriate every fiber of your body, showing you the beauty of life seen from above! You will fly over rivers, lakes and mountains, skimming the clouds and living indelible memories. Emotions are guaranteed!

Don’t wait any longer! Heaven awaits you.

Grazie montagna per avermi dato lezioni di vita,
perché faticando ho imparato a gustare il riposo,
perché sudando ho imparato ad apprezzare un sorso d’acqua fresca,
perché stanco mi sono fermato e ho potuto ammirare la meraviglia di un fiore,
la libertà di un volo di uccelli,
respirare il profumo della semplicità,
perché solo, immerso nel tuo silenzio, mi sono visto allo specchio
e spaventato ho ammesso il mio bisogno di verità
e amore, perché soffrendo ho assaporato la gioia
della vetta percependo che le cose vere,
quelle che portano alla felicità,
si ottengono solo con fatica,
e chi non sa soffrire
mai potrà capire.

Battistino Bonali