Ice falls


Ice falls

An ever changing world

For years my great passion and the focus of every winter… the ephemeral.

Climbing something that didn’t exist until recently or that is destined to remain only for a short time… carpe diem!

An activity that will allow us to discover wild places in hostile and at the same time fairy-tale environments!

Have you ever experienced the charm and magic of climbing an ice waterfall?

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    Why is it important to make sure your pilot has a specific passenger rating?2023-05-05T22:30:51+02:00

    It would seem obvious, but it is not. On the other hand, it is important to make sure of it in order to have the guarantee of flying with a pilot who has followed the training process required by law and is therefore in possession of a relevant insurance policy. Think about it for a moment: would you hitch a ride from someone without a license?

    Why choose to go to the mountains with a guide on an itinerary that I could tackle alone?2023-05-05T22:32:14+02:00

    Surely there are itineraries that are within the reach of beginners and amateurs, so risk management is not necessary. Having said this, especially in the high mountains, there are many variables and pitfalls that a guide is accustomed to evaluating and keeping under control, unlike an “occasional” or amateur visitor, who does not have the same critical vision.

    Imagine, for example, an unexpected or sudden change in weather conditions and consequently in visibility… the situation immediately becomes more complex to manage and the guide has the skills and technical preparation to get out of that specific problem.

    The same considerations can be made in case of management in emergency situations (e.g. avalanche, fall into a crevasse, injury on the wall, etc…)

    Do I need to have specific physical skills or aptitudes in order to join an activity?2023-05-05T22:33:05+02:00

    No, we will evaluate together the most suitable adventure for you and your aspirations.

    If I don’t have the material for the activity that interests me, what can I do?2023-05-05T22:33:52+02:00

    If you do not have the necessary material for the adventure you have chosen, it will be provided to you by the guide once the relative agreements have been made.

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