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    Frequent questions

    Why an Alpine Guide?2023-05-05T22:43:27+02:00

    The Alpine Guide, mountaineering master, is the only professional figure legally recognized and authorized to provide accompaniment on all types of terrain present in the mountains.

    Thanks to his knowledge of the places and his own experience, the Alpine Guide is able to organize the trip in the best possible way, in order to reduce the risks associated with the various activities as much as possible. He will be able to evaluate with you the most suitable path and will set the realization of your dreams as a goal.

    How much does a mountain guide cost?2023-05-05T22:44:10+02:00

    The rate is established by the Alpine Guide and varies according to the difficulty of the climb required, its length, the place where the activity takes place and numerous other factors.

    Is the Alpine Guide insured?2023-05-05T22:44:57+02:00

    In order to be able to carry out his profession, the Alpine Guide must be registered in a regional register and is compulsorily insured with a policy that contains the ceilings and parameters required and established by the college to which he belongs.

    Do I have to have the necessary equipment?2023-05-05T22:45:40+02:00

    Not necessarily. You will be able to bring your material, evaluating its adequacy with the guide and, if you do not have it, he will provide you with all the necessary material with a possible extra rental cost where necessary.

    What happens if the weather conditions do not allow the planned exit?2023-05-05T22:46:23+02:00

    If the weather conditions do not guarantee a good safety standard, the Guide proposes an alternative destination or the exit is postponed to a date to be defined.

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