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Val di Mello

Alpine Guide | Paraglider pilot

“On important occasions we headed towards Valmasino: it was the university, there we graduated as mountaineers”.

Walter Bonatti

My favorite place, where I started taking my first steps in the vertical world. I’m sure it will be love at first sight for you too!

Val di Mello is considered the Mecca of adherence climbing and a point of reference for climbers from all over Italy, so much so that it has earned the name of “Italian Yosemite”. At the entrance to this valley we will find the famous Sasso Remenno (the largest granite monolith in Europe) to welcome us and to follow the stupendous granite walls will offer us various possibilities for itineraries of various lengths and difficulties.

Kundalini, Luna Nascente, Irrational Ocean, Dawn of Nirvana are just some of the masterpieces that we will be able to travel together, with the magic of spring or autumn colors that will accompany us during the ascent.

At this link you can find a model of the Valley, a bit of history and various curiosities.

Val di Mello
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