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Alpine Guide | Paraglider pilot

Given its conformation, Little Tibet, located in the center of the Alps, is a strategic place for paragliding. Not being a true alpine valley but rather a plateau, the winds blow weaker than the surrounding mountain ranges. Its morphology also allows us to fly with all types of wind, having take-offs with different exposures available.

More experienced pilots can try their hand at challenging cross-country flights, taking advantage of the abundant thermal springs present from spring until late autumn.

For those who want to approach flying for the first time, they can experience its magic as a passenger in a tandem paraglider, without the need for particular skills.

Livigno also offers us numerous possibilities for excursions to peaks that reach even 3000 meters.

Also excellent as a base for trying your hand at more demanding climbs in the nearby glaciers of Piz Bernina, aiming right at its over 4000 meter peak.


Traveling a few kilometers by car, we have the possibility of reaching various crags in the Upper Valley and the nearby Lagalb crag (CH), which offer us the possibility of dedicating ourselves to sport climbing. Numerous via ferratas and adventure trails on site or nearby.

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