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Val Masino

Alpine Guide | Paraglider pilot

“On important occasions we headed towards Valmasino: it was the university, there we graduated as mountaineers”.

Walter Bonatti

Probably the place that has given me the most emotions ever: I have never forgotten that week of my childhood spent at the Gianetti refuge with a friend, during which we tried to climb as many routes as possible.

Later on I also had the honor of opening some new climbing routes on these fantastic walls. I have a story of each valley, a memory of each refuge.

In this valley there are the most beautiful mountains of the entire Alpine arc, with their rocks as rugged as they are attractive and their masterpieces to be repeated. We can range from the classic routes to the more modern ones, from the normal ones to the more difficult and modern itineraries. We are spoiled for choice: we just have to decide the valley, the route, the refuge or the bivouac and explore this still so wild land.

Spigolo Vinci, Via dei Morbegnesi, Erba Fumagalli, Taldo Nusdeo and Spigolo Gervasutti are just some of the names of the streets that have made the history of Masino Valley. And of course, if conditions permit, we will also be able to evaluate the return to the valley by flying!

Val Masino
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